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Hey there! :wave: I'm MoonInTheMist.

You may also know me as MoonInTheMist on WOSe, (If you are on that site) since I'm also an active member on that site as well as here. I go by the same username.

I do mainly photomanipulation, especially of horses because I love horses, but I recently took an art class at school, so hopefully I'll get some of that traditional work on here when I can. I'm pretty new at manipping, so I appreciate it when people give me constructive crticism.

I'm open to anyone's suggestions/requests for something I should manip. I'm also open to art trades/collabs/commissions if you'd like. I host Join.Me sessions occassionally, so if you'd like to drop in on one and watch me manip just send me a note.

Thanks for looking at my page! :aww:
I know I haven't been posting new artwork for awhile. I've just been busy with real life and also my internet has been wonky lately. Luckily I should be able to get back to posting art, including some of my old drawings from my art class, soon. Hopefully I'll be back to stay. :aww:

About the tags: I was tagged by ThunderingMidnight and also Ieris 
This tag has been going around the group of people I know here on dA, mostly people from WOSe, for ages now, so I won't be tagging anyone. Thus I'm not posting the rules or new questions, just my answers to the taggers' questions. 

From ThunderingMidnight

1.) Hot or Cold?
Generally, Cold. 
2.) My Little Pony or Cars?
My Little Pony. 
3.) Land or Water?
Well I can't live in water, otherwise I would probably choose it since I love water and the ocean etc. I'm stuck with Land unless I can learn how to grow gills. 
4.) Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Mmmmmm. 
5.) Apple or Android?
I don't have much of either... my phone is a crappy little thing lol. I am currently using an old Macbook, so Apple I suppose.
6.) Smartphone or Dumbphone?
I have a Dumbphone, but I would love to have a Smartphone. 
7.) Video games or books?
Books! I love reading, don't get me started! 
8.) Horses or Ponies?
9.) Movies or TV Shows?
Movies, but I do like both. I just enjoy movies more. 
10.) Christmas or Thanksgiving?
11.) House or Trailer?
12.) Wolves or Tigers?
Erm... wolves I suppose. 

From Ieris

1. Introvert or Extrovert?
2. Favorite month of the year? Why? (Birthday's don't count. If it's for a Holiday, give a detail why that holiday is special)
December. Winter is my favorite season, plus nice weather from my point of view anyways (I live in California, December is usually chilly but sunny and I like that), plus skiing in the mountains, plus Christmas Eve/Christmas, plus Christmas break means no school and no homework. 
3.  Ever live up to your "New Year's Resolution"?
I don't really make New Year's Resolutions. If I did, I don't think I would be able to keep them. 
4. Would you rather Sneeze every three minutes, or always have the sensation of sneezing but never do?
Sensation of sneezing; actually sneezing would be annoying/inconvenient, whereas I could learn to ignore the sensation. 
5. Hot or cold tea?
I'm not really fond of tea, but Hot. Hot with lots of sugar and cream and preferably lemon. 
6. Man or a mouse?
Ummm Man? 
7. Craziest thing you've done?
I don't know...  Dangerous/stupid stuff, yes, legitimately crazy, not really. In real life I act pretty normal, it's only in my head, with friends, and on the internet that I get really weird. 
8. Best food you've consumed, prepared by someone else?
Oh this is really hard. I'm a sucker for dark chocolate, and the best desert I've ever had was this amazing dark chocolate cake that was incredibly rich and thick and had layers of chocolate fudge. 
9. Perfect temperature?
Around 65º Fahrenheit. It depends on the weather and humidity though. 
10. Ready for 2014?
No, I have to go back to school. Other than that, I guess. 

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